The South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization operating out of Greenville, SC.  The sole purpose of the SC Heart Gallery Foundation is to support and promote the work of the SC Heart Gallery (www.scheartgallery.org), a program funded and run by the State of South Carolina through the SC Foster Care Review Board.  

The SC Heart Gallery Foundation is a private foundation that receives funding through grants, corporate and individual donations.  The money raised is used to bring awareness to the work of the SC Heart Gallery through content creation for distribution on Television, the Web, and Social Media marketing.  The Foundation maintains this website, as well as, accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Each year, the Foundation produces approximately 120 new child profile videos, at 8 different locations around the state, for use on the SC Heart Gallery website.  These videos are included on the individual child pages on the SC Heart Gallery Website.


There are more than 450 children annually in South Carolina Foster Care whose parental rights have been terminated.  They will only leave Foster Care if they are matched with a forever home or they "age out" at the age of 18.  Statistically, these children do not do well if they leave foster care on their own.  This is why the work of the SC Heart Gallery and that of the SC Heart Gallery Foundation are so important.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation is to provide funding and resources to support the Heart Gallery of South Carolina and other related programs and events.

SC Heart Gallery Board of Directors

Clark Smith - Chairman

Millie Qualls - SCHG Representative (non-voting)

Monica Hill - Current Chairman, SCFCRB (non-voting)

Somer Flowers

Patricia Byrd

Arielle Reposta

Jessica Barley

Wendy Nanney

Sammy Smith

David Haskins

The Foundation produces approximately 120 child profile videos each year.  Our video crew interviewing a child at Falls Park in Greenville, SC.

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SC Heart Gallery Foundation

802 Augusta Street

Greenville, SC 29605


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Registered Charity Number : c8577343

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